VC2OPCUA: Visual Components OPC-UA plugin


We have developed a Plugin for Visual Components that we would like to share with you.

The plugin exposes model information through OPC-UA, a trending communication protocol, creating a server that interacts with the Visual Components model bidirectionally.

You can find the source code here:
You can find a Windows installer here:

When the plugin is installed, a new panel will be added to the main window in Visual Components.


After the server is started, all active components are exposed in an OPCUA server (only accesible locally by your own PC), that allows access (read/write) to their signals and properties.

Companies using Visual Components for simulating their shopfloor and OPC-UA as the communication protocol for their machines might find this plugin useful, since factory control programs can use the same protocol both for production and for simulation. We believe this can result in more agile improvements of shopfloor control programs, and faster deployment from simulation to real production.

The plugin is free, under GPL 2.0 license. Feel free to use it.

Hi! I could not discover the server by a UA client. Can you please help with example steps screen shots? Thanks in advance

I have the same issue, did you solve the problem already? I’m trying to discover a server at opc.tcp://localhost:4840.

Thanks in advance!

(–edit I used the wrong server address, opc.tcp://localhost:51210/UA/VcOpcUaServer is the correct one and it connects!)

Hi, I cannot connect to Visual Components 4.2 via UA Expert client. (Server plugin is loaded and started in VC4.2 normally) Is there a 4.2 compatible release? Thanks

@Sergey OPC UA uses client-server model. Visual Components acts as OPC UA client. Visual Components can connect to one or more OPC UA servers. UaExpert acts as OPC UA client. No client-client connection.

@zesty hi, there is Vc2opcua plugin for VC, which works as Opc ua server, in this topic. It works as Opc ua server and you can connect via client and expose model info. It is not working now with me. I think because of VC 4.2 update