VC visual effect making?

Everybody, how to make the arc effect of arc welding and the spark effect of spot welding? thanks.Screenshot_20210912_134430_tv.danmaku.bili_edit_141450262131020


in eCat is a Spot welding demo-layout in which you can look how VC realized it in the past.


I want to achieve the effect in the above picture. How can I achieve it?

If you want to have the spark/light effects visible, you could use the Blender 2.80 Addon to render your scene.

The addon has tools for adding lights and spark emitters to your welding tools.

in eCat is a Spot welding demo-layout,How is this spark connected to the signal OUT51?


In the spot welding layout where the car body is being welded, the signal is connected as usual with the signal connection tool.

The visualization is fully done in that specific gun that’s used in the layout. So the end effector component is doing the trick.
The visualization like in your reference image can be achieved with the Blender addon as commented earlier. On the lights tab of the addon, you can add a sparks emitter in the scene. Then you connect a signal to the emitter to control it. You need to render animation to make the sparks looking good. In order to render a still, render a short animation and use one of the frames as a still.