VC - robot safety programming addon (KUKA Safe Operation, Fanuc DCS an ABB Save Move)

Hey there,

the company i work for, is looking for a software change to VC.
Until now we gone use Process Simulate VC lite with an safety programming addon.

It is the plan to create safe areas, safe tools and robots at VC.

We would prefere an addon or software that can be used to create and document the safety configuration.
If there is nothing avalible, we need to use the OEM software (KUKA.Sim, ABB Robotstudio and Fanuc Roboguide), but this should be the last option for us.

Does anyone of you know’s an addon or software, were it is possible to create the safetyfunctions and documentation?

Kind regards

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VC Premium includes Kuka OLP which has the same functionality as Kuka Sim and you can create safety configurations with it for Kuka. For other brands VC doesn’t have tools or add-ons to create safety configurations.


Does VC Professional supports KUKA OLP?

No, only VC Premium supports it. There’s the product-feature matrix shown on this website:

BTW recently KUKA OLP feature was renamed to Kuka.Sim Add-on which you see on that matrix as well. This is to distinguish the feature from VC Robotics OLP which was launched this month. VC Robotics OLP is brand-agnostic offline programming toolset for different applications (arc wedling cutting, painting). Kuka.Sim Add-on is just for Kuka robots. They have some overlapping features such as createing arc welding paths. I’d say VC Robotics OLP has better path creation tools but it doesn’t have RCS controller (accurate motion execution) or KRL executor.


in vc4.8,how Ofiicelite connects with robots

If you use VC Premium with a KUKA Robot you can connect OfficeLite:

  1. Start OfficeLite
  2. Click on the Robot > component properties > KrlExecutor > select “Controller”
  3. A new “Connection” Tab opens up. Go to that Connection
  4. Select “Transfer configuration onto controller”
  5. Select the right IP Adress for the OfficeLite virtual machine and continue.
  6. In OfficeLite, select the “Expert” User and approve the change requests.
  7. If you’re done with the new configuration, click on “Play” in KUKA.Sim and the VC will synchronize with OL.

Does anybody know, if VC has an update planned in this direction?

Program safety configuration for other robots, will help alot.

Outside Kuka VC is not really a commissioning tool for robots. It’s simulation tool and nowadays offers good OLP tools for various applications. But for setting up your robot systems including their safety configurations you still need to use robot manufacturers’ own software.