VC and Virtual PLC via OPC UA

Hi there!

I want to connect my virtual PLC (S7-1500) with VC (4.3 Professional) via OPC UA to simulate with PLC variables but I’m having problems connecting both of them. I was hoping that the connection was as easy as implied in this video:

How to create connection between Virtual PLC (Siemens) and Visual Components 4.1 via OPC UA - YouTube

I read that S7-1500 family has OPC UA protocol installed but does that mean that the virtual PLC too? Or do I need to use another sw such as PLCSIM Advanced for it?

Any piece of advice is appreciated. Regards.

The basic PLCSIM doesn’t simulate network connections nor the OPC UA server, only PLCSIM Advanced does.

With VC Premium you could use the Siemens S7 Connection plugin and NetToPLCSim to connect to the basic PLCSIM as described here.

You might also be able to buy a 3rd party OPC UA server that can connect to the PLCSIM.

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