VC 4.1 works forklift


I’m trying to unload pallets from a conveyor with forklift and fill a truck. I’m having a few problems with the revamped works library.

  1. When the forklift goes to pick-up the pallet from the conveyor (works process) it drives right next to it (resource location offset has been set correctly) and raises the spikes right through the conveyor, picks up the pallet and lowers it through the conveyor. How can I get the forklift to approach the conveyor correctly? The process components advanced pick and place settings didn't help.
  2. When placing the pallets on the truck (works process) the forklift drives to the midpoint of each place location when offset is set to zero, which makes sense. But when the offset is >0 the forklift drives to the center of the works process component and the pallets fly to their places. I have made the process with feed and need custom pattern tasks. Should the filling of the truck be made differently or is there a way to fix this way?

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All the help will be appreciated!

Forklift-demo.vcmx (872 KB)