VC 3D perspective nested to web page

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How does this 3D animation of the official website be nested on the web page? In addition, I want to embed VC into web pages and read real-time data at the same time.

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I’m going to follow this thread.
I’m also looking for a way to include the 3D experience functionality in a web page.

Hi @luhan , @mschamp we have a custom 3D-Viewer integration on our website.
Here’s an example :slight_smile: Viewer - ProLean GmbH

You can write me an email if you’re interested

We got some requests on how an integration of our online viewer would work.

You can test an implementation right now simply by pasting an “iframe” Tag in your website.

Read here on how to do that and let us know if you need any help.
Online Viewer Integration

Please contact VC sales or support to get more info on this.

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