Variable servo speed


Is there a way to modify the speed and acceleration of a link during a simulation? Such that a link can travel according to any given vt-diagram.

Currently i am only able to enter the maximum speed and acceleration inside of the link properties tab. also the function “servo.setMotionTime(x)” is not quite what i am looking for.

Can someone help mo?


Changing the speed/acceleration while the servo is moving probably does not work.
Other than that, I would imagine it is OK to change these values while the simulation is running.

Ah, okay. So there is no python function where i can increase or decrease the speed/acceleration. Are there any alternatives you know that I can try?

I would try setting the MaxAcceleration and MaxSpeed directly from vcDof.

The vcServoController just has the Speed property and setMotionTime method, but those are not too convenient in this case.