Vacuum Gripper


i am very new with Visual Components and try to simulate the following:


My Problem is, that i don’t know how to create the Vacuum Gripper without using a Robot.

Thanks for your Help



You can use component container +servo control behaviours to grasp object with vacuum gripper.

vcServoControl helps you to control yous axis’ and component container lets you to grab a part .

As the previous reply stated, use a Servo Controller and Component Container with a Python Script.

Here is a tutorial to get you familiar with the servo.

Here are some simple steps:

  1. Kinematics - Create the needed nodes, position them, define their joints, assign to servo controller.
  2. Containment - In the node that touches a part/the gripper, add a component container.
  3. Logic - Add a Python Script and then define a simple script for moving the joint(s) of the servo to target values. After the joints are moved, use the component container to grab the target component. After grabbing the component, move the joints again, etc. How to get the target component? So many ways to do that. If the target component is in the same system and being contained by another behavior then simply transfer the target to and from different containers. Otherwise, grabbing is another straightforward approach.