Using product as a tool for transport process


I would like to know how to use a created product as a tool for a transport process, similar to Pallet Jack under PM resource utilities. In the attached file, I would like the human to use the trolley instead of the pallet jack to transport the can from the feeder to the sink. Is it possible to be done?

The academy lesson ( Utilizing Tools | Visual Components Academy ) mentions that product property can be selected under tool (around 3:23 in the video) but does not elaborate on what product property is used or how it is used.

Thanks in advance.

Moveable Products Trial.vcmx (5.4 MB)

Hey KopiteBen,

I checked the Video and I believe the narrator explains how to use the product property roughly around 4:17 of the video. Is there something that is unclear? I can try to help.

Hi Lefa,

Thank you for the assistance.

I have attempted the steps using the product property you mentioned as indicated in the video. However, it appears that it only works for existing tools in the eCatalog like the Pallet Jack. Is there a way to create my own custom tool from a product I have modelled or an imported CAD file?

My earlier interpretation of the product property was incorrect. I thought the video meant that I could use a product as a tool if I changed the properties of the product.

Thanks again.

If you have VC Professional or Premium, you can always just take any component from eCat and make your own copy from it. You can change the geometries and frame positions to suit your needs for example. I think it should then still be recognized as a “tool” component, unless the scripts rely on hardcoded vcids or something.

Hi TSy,

Thank you for the information. I managed to do it through setting the Pallet Jack Uri to my desired CAD file under the modelling tab.