Using Process for Kanban/pull system


My question is if the new Process mode can be used to simulate Kanban/Pull system?

When I remove something from the buffer at the end according to a timer, say once every 5 minutes, I want to trigger a transport from an upstream buffer. Can this be done with Process?

I am starting to suspect I have to visit the good ol’ Modelling tab for this, but maybe someone can point me in a better direction?

OTHER: Why isn’t there a forum section for Process yet?

Br William

Hi @wilfal

If I understood you correctly, that means in practice that you max out your output buffer first (=max capacity is the desired level of the buffer) then start to pull products from the buffer e.g. each 5 minutes with a TransportIn downstream (factory output) that will trigger a pull from upstream process and so on. Remember that nothing is transported out or into a process unless matching TransportIns and Outs are found. Finally you can monitor the production rate with interval-based statistics at the output.

Initial stock for the buffer can be done with a Feeder Process that will transport a limited amount of products to the buffer with interpolating link in no time or very short time.

I hope I understood your question correctly :slight_smile:

EDIT: Don’t forget to check also the requirement statements. You could use a condition that checks the buffer’s current status (part count) to pull products out or the other way around.

Yes, seems you understood me correctly.

Now I have spent around 8 hours trying to accomplish this simple principle:

Next step is to have several processes in a row with buffers and produce according to pull.

Could someone implement this in Process?

I know it could be done with works and with creating custom components. But I want to accomplish this with Process.

Br William

Well, you can’t control when a buffer statement is “actively Transporting in and out”. There’s always one of both active if there’s capacity and products within the buffer. But remember that even if the buffer could be controller to transport in or out, the product won’t move unless there’s a process up/downstream with active matching Transport statement.

So perhaps looking into the Proc 1 when it needs to start a new batch i.e. Transport In from Buffer 1?
Using GetProperty and WaitPropertyCondition statements.

Note: when using statistics properties in the conditions, the global statistics interval setting is affecting to the property value updates too, not just the graphs that the data is collected for.

It’s quite difficult to share any further thoughts without knowing the overall system better.

I hope this helps you out!