Use Stopmovement() method to stop components in a path

Hy, Everyone!
When i use stopmovement() method to stop the components in a path, I don’t know why there is still some distance between the two components. Show as below picture.
And i think the python script and origin frame are correct.
If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful!

Do you have accumulate on false in path properties?

Yeap,i have try it a few times.
Still does not work

are you stopping the first part movement or paths movement?

stopping the first part movement,
such as
part = signal.Value (Component signal)

How about segmentSize property? Set to zero?

Please see the .Vcam files. Thanks in advance!
Feeder.vcmx (820.7 KB)


The space utilization is kinda buggy, especially with the PathAxis set to Automatic.
I set the PathAxis from Automatic to Y-positive, and now there is no space left between the parts.

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So that is how it is.
Thank you very much!