Use different Editor / Editor Features


I’m pretty new in VC and in this Forum. I tried to search an answer to my problem but did not find anything.
Is there a way to change the basic python editor of VC to a more advanced one like spyder or a similar one? Or alternatively, is there a possibility to import vcScript via pip to an external Python distribution?

If there is no possibility:
are there shortcuts for block comments, comments, indentations etc.?
Is there a help file explaining the editors features and shortcuts?


Thanks for your answers.

A Python Script is a behavior, so in Help > Reference Guide > Behaviors > Misc there is a Python Script topic that describes each item in the editor.

You add your own snippets and use existing shortcuts. In Help > Shortcuts go to the Python Script Editor section to see a list of shortcuts and their descriptions.

For adding snippets, here is a tutorial.

For adding new shortcuts like block and unblock comments, etc. there might be API for doing that. Someone who knows, share the knowledge please.


I would also love to import vcScript in another Python editor.

The main drawback of the VC Python Editor in my opinion is that there is no auto-completion for external libraries (either you own or third-party).

Having this feature in VC would be so much more convenience! :slight_smile:

That feature and need is clear. Duly noted.

Did anyone ever find an answer to this question? I’d love to import vcScript into another editor. Currently doing a big project in python and I’d love to be able to use the features from other editors.