Use crossing conveyor with PLC


I want to use a crossing conveyor to distribute products.
But there are a few difficulties for the component:

  • the product need to stop as soon as it is on the conveyor ( possible with a sensor)
    but there are different sizes of the product.

  • and we make the decision for the next movement when the sensor on the conveyor is triggered.

  • we want to control it fully with the PLC. ( the same as a normal conveyor)
    (moving up/down, left/right, forward backward)

We are able to make the movements, but as soon as it is on a path we are not able to select another path to go left or right.

is it a good idea to start from the existing script or should i start from scrap?
or has anybody bumped into te same problem?

Thanks in advance!

Most of the premade conveyor components are made with only built-in simulation logic in mind.
If you need custom functionalities that support PLC control it is probably best to start from scrap to make sure you get what you want.

I thought that also, so i tried it but i am only able to move a product in 1 direction.
but we need to be able to change the direction when it is completly on the conveyor.