Use commands from other context in my custom context


I’m trying to use the command Jog in my custom context but the only way I found how to make it work is by setting the context to Teach then execute the Jog command is there a way to not make the context or tab change and still be able to use Jog ?

I currently do something like

var cmd = IoC.Get<ICommandRegistry>();
var extractCmd = cmd.FindItem(“Jog”);

Well, I think it makes sense that the jog command is only available on the teach context cause the command is only available on that context. That’ the way the application was designed. It seems, what you are asking is a way to circumvent that design and I’m wondering why.

Considering this, you are right! I will move my panel into the context teach so I will be able to use Jog while using my custom panel.
Thanks !