Urgent! Creating Buffers with the Buffer Statement

Hello, lovely people of the VC community!

I really need help to understand how to create buffers using the buffer statement.
The help file does not have much information, there is no video on the academy or on YouTube which explains it.

I use a FromConveyor and ToConveyor process node with the buffer statement on the ToConveyor one.

I want a buffer of around 100 parts to be created after the zFixationMounting process. The welding process node has a processing time (delay) of over 1200s.

Ideally, I want this buffer to be made on shelves that are transported by humans, and as soon as the machine is free, the human transports one piece from the buffer to the welding process node.

I would be really grateful and appreciative if someone can help me find a solution to this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Never mind guys, I kind of got it working out. Sometimes I feel the software just does things differently if you open and close it.