Update screen at end of python script

I created a menu item “add dimension” from most left module to most right module in my layout.
The code runs fine, but the dimension in only shown after I click somewhere in my view.
How can I show this dimension without having to click?


this is the function that you r looking for.

Noop, I am not using a taskpanel.

I use:
dimension = app.createLayoutItem(VC_LAYOUTITEM_IT_DIMENSION)

and then creating the necessary matrix values.
My application is to show the total length and width of the simulation I created.

The issue is that VC still requires me to click anywhere on my floor in order to have the dimension displayed on the screen.
So the creation of the dimension is correct, the location and dimension is correct. It is just not shown until I click.

have you tried app.render() also?

Yes, I did, no improvement. I also added dimension.update without any success either.

It works when I include a snap command, but I do not want to use this as it also requires a click.
My dimension setup does not require any user input…

I ran out of my guesses but i could take a look if you share your code.