Update Motion Speed during runtime

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we are currently trying to integrate sensors (own development) in the simulation in the context of collaborative robotics.

The sensor values should be used to change the speed of a simulated robot. Currently our approach is to use the IMotionInterpolator and the IMotionTester in own control loops. IMotionTargets are used as input for the Interpolator with different speed settings. This is getting quity messy and computationally expensive since we have to calculate the interpolation quite often, to adapt the robot speed depending on current sensor values.

Is there an easier way to change the speed of a motion so it is automatically used during runtime?

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Do you mean change the speed of motion on the fly or speed of robot or both?

Hey zesty,

thanks for your reply.

More or less both, if I would change the speed of the current motion I would also change the speed of the robot.

It would be something like a manual override (which at least Kuka robots support as far as I know). But it would still be very helpful if one could control it with cartesian speeds.

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