Update 3D WorkSpace

Hi there!

I would like to vizualize the reach of my robot. I know that that is the purpose of the 3D WorkSpace check box in the robot’s properties, but I noticed its shape doesn’t change when I update the joint limits.
For example, I modified the A1 and A2 joints of my KUKA robot to have a range of only 10 degrees (by adjusting their Min and Max values, using the MODELING tab), but the shape of the 3D WorkSpace ‘bubble’ doesn’t change. I tried disabling it and re-enabling it.



These workspaces are based on the datasheet of the robot, and as you know the robots are not always exactly modular. This is why the workspace is made by using the maximum positions the robot can reach and then made into a “constant” 3d geometry that cannot be changed. It is also not parametric.


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I see. Thank you!
Could there be another way to visualize the reach of a robot?

Hi, if you are using a KUKA Robot (in KUKA.Sim or with VC KUKA OLP AddOn) you can set the $OUT[81] to visualize the swept volume.
Write a little program with the min/max values and run it.

Good point actually, I completely forgot about swept volume.