Unpacking and re-use of same pallet


I want to build a layout where after unpacking and disassembly, the same pallet is transferred to the packing station. I want to use a limited number of pallets and re-use them for the simulation to check if the number is enough for production. So in the layout attached I collect the trays to a Buffer to see if the unpacking stops if the Buffer of empty trays is full. But I cannot achieve it.

I used ‘GetAssembly’ for both assembly and disassembly process. But at disassembly process when I used ‘TrasnportOut’ and selected Destination as ‘Transport Node’ the process is not as I intended. I am not sure if I’m doing this correct. I get below error message.
Packing and unpacking test layout.vcmx (236.8 KB)

I attached the demo layout here let me know your comments. Thanks!