Unexpected behavior Simulation.Reset

Dear all,

I want to reset Visual Components simulation from a .net add-on.
I use the code below to execute the action.
The simulation time jumps back to 00:00:00 which is correct.

public static void reset()
                Caliburn.Micro.Execute.OnUIThread(() => IoC.Get<IApplication>().Simulation.Reset());
                Helper.reply.SimulationRunning = false;
                Helper.reply.SimulationReset = true;
                Helper.reply.Speed = 0.0;
            } catch (Exception e) { Helper.log(e.Message); }

The ‘Helper’ class is an internal class of my project to keep track of the state of the simulation.

Sometimes (but hard to pin what causes the behavior) the interface connections of the components are also reset. The only way to be able to have a correct model again is reloading the model, which is way slower.
Can anyone help to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance