Unable to see the "paint' on my item

Hi Folks,

I am a new VC user. The learning curve is pretty steep as long as my bosses expectation for business outputs.

I have tried to paint a barrel using and linear X axis but unfortunalty there is something I am missing as I can’t see the effect of the paint on my barrel. Even though I have activated the paintspray using the output 101 == TRUE in the program. Attached is my test file. I have also noticed the following error in the output page, but I dont’ understand how to act on it ?

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Paintgun::PaintScript", line 59, in OnRun
  File "Paintgun::PaintScript", line 264, in updatePainting
  File "Paintgun::PaintScript", line 282, in calculatePaintFluxAt
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getMultiMapValue'
Does anyone have a clue for me ? Would be greatly appreciated. 



Test.vcmx (376.2 KB)

Hi @charles_nlx,

What product of the VC are you using?


Hi Holms,

I am using Visual Components Premium 4.2.

Thanks for the reply

The issue in your file is that the property named “Distribution:DistributionMap” in the paint gun component has lost its value. If you add the paint gun component again from eCat it works.

You will also of course need to prepare the target component for painting etc. See Tasks -> Robots -> Painting in the VC Help file.

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