Unable to open python script editor

Since I installed visual studio2022, whenever I open the python script editor for visual component, it has become difficult, even more than 5 minutes to open scripts, even small files take a long time, what is this? Is there a solution?

*Everything was fine before visual studio was installed, and my computer was able to run visual component.
*I re-installed the visual component software after this problem, but it did not resolve the problem

That’s weird. Are you using VC’s internal Python script editor, or an external one?

You could try both options.

I’m using an internal editor, as in the video, and it takes a long time to open a python script even for a new file.
Today I installed an external python editor on my computer, but it doesn’t seem to work in VC. When I tried to open pythonsript in VC, it didn’t respond at all, as if it hadn’t been operated. When I opened the external python compiler alone, it was fine. The editor version I installed is 2.7.1