Unable to create MyVariables in Server through python script

I am trying to exchange 6axis robot data with Visual Components 4.2 for my Digital Twin model through OPC UA. On that purpose I’m using CODESYS PLC program. To connect CODESYS and VC 4.2 through OPC UA, I followed the following link and I was successful on that:

But to get the axis variables I have created a python script where I made MyObject>MyVariable which should have been added on Server tree of VC4.2 so that later I can pair all my axis variables (such as axis velocity, torque, current etc.) there but I’m not able to add that in Server tree. Attached an image of that.

Also attached my python program to create MyVariables in server.PythonApplication1.sln (995 Bytes)
What am I missing to do that on my purpose? Or is there any other way to exchange robot axis variables data for Digital Twin purpose between CODESYS and VC4.2.
Thank you.

So are you using Python scripting on the CODESYS side? Your attached .sln file doesn’t contain any of your code you know.

I’m guessing you are not adding proper symbol configuration for your tags in CODESYS.
If you can see those variables using UAExpert but not VC its might be some compatibility issue with VC and you should contact VC support. Otherwise you’ll need to ask from CODESYS forums / support instead.