Two Way Path Physics

I am trying to model a two way conveyor using physics. I was trying to combine the tutorials “Model a Two Way Path” and “Physics 3 - Model a Physics Conveyor”, but I have not yet been able to combine them into one conveyor belt. Does anyone know how to combine a two way path and a physics path? Or is this the wrong approach?

Use oneway/twoway path when you don’t want to use physics. This is better for simulation performance.

Use the physics path when you want to use physics. Physics path has a special perk that allows you to set negative speed, so you can set ConveyorSpeed to -200mm/s, and it will go in the opposite direction.

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Hi @Este
Thank you for your response!
I solved it now :slight_smile: I had a bit of trouble with the physicspath but it is now clear to me.
So thank you!

(deleted the original response since it contains an old outdated idea)

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