Two or more work human resources holding single part

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I have two questions hope someone can help me with there inputs.

  1. Is there any way that I can make the operator(work human resource) to hold the part closely when he picks? he always carries the part with some gap. I don't know how to reduce the gap, if someone can give any solution or inputs to change it will be very helpful. image attached below. p.s: I tried teachcarrylocation it is just moving the hand position the difference between hand and part is always same. First question
  2. How to make two operators carry a single part while using feed task? The part I'm talking about is huge it is difficult to carry by a single person in real world(exception if he is a superhero). so hoping someone would have solved this issue before by making two operators to carry the part.Second Question
Any input is appreciated.

Thanks for your Time.

I am trying to achieve the same thing and was wondering if you had come across any solution?

Currently there is no way of doing it. But you can attach and detach 2nd human to the first one for the duration of the transport.
Hope it will help you.