Two Lift conveyor

Hello Forum
I’ve been attempting to get two Lift Conveyor to only move up/down together, but i seem to be struggeling to get the line:

triggerCondition(lambda: getTrigger() == monitoredSignal and getTrigger().Value == True)

to be evaluated from within the other Lift conveyor
I belive it is because the Lift conveyor code is running inside the “OnRun()” and as such the signal is not recieved as there is no “interrupt” to update the signal from the other component…

If you guys would take two Lift components and make them work together (or make one lift component able to carry two parts) - What aproach would you use?
Thanks in advance!
The movie clip here is done with timers, and i dont like that aproach in general…


Would this other forum post help you out? It looks eerily similar,