Tutorial to switch and extract template bitmap textures


My colleague wrote a tutorial on how to change some textures, and I would like to share it here.


Some of the components in eCat>Products and Containers use same template bitmap as texture to show the wrapping of the product. This texture could be replaced with your (or your customers’) company logo and colors. Just add your logo and colors into same positions that in template bitmap in any image editor and create new material using this bitmap as texture and assign it to component.

Template textures can be extracted directly from one of these components’ .vcmx file (by unpacking the file and searching for the texture) or from this post:


Ive been trying to extract, change bitmap file, compress to .rar file, and finally rename as a .vcmx file. It never works. would you mind posting a link to your collegue’s post?

I think you should just make your own bitmap based on the one you see in the first post, then open the component from eCat, swap the texture in the material (in modeling tab), and save it as new component.
No need to mess with the .vcmx files!

If you only have VC Essentials, I guess then you might need to try and replace the texture inside the vcmx file. There your error seems to be:

It has to be a zip, not rar. Those are different technologies. Further, it is probably better not to actually extract the vcmx but just rename as zip and open, replace the file and close it. Even Windows explorer can do that.

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