TransportPatternIn random counts


I have a warehouse which is once per hour processing recieved orders and send them out as a box stacks which should be assembled onto pallet and delivered to the assembly line. The problem is that the quantity of box stacks could be different every time.

Is there a option to do it without addon?

Thank you.


Do you already know the TransportPatternIn helper?
this could help you.

Yes, I found it on forum, but my organization is still using VS version 4.5 and this addon is compatible with 4.8 version, thats why I was asking for solution without addons.

time for an upgrade :wink:

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Actually, this works for me.

The machines on the assembly line send out signals telling how many boxstacks have been consumed, then all the numbers are summed into one integer variable that determines how many boxstacks will be transported, and while and switch statements are used to select the type of pattern.