TransportOut Statement: Only when Next Process has completed assembly

I would like a process node to transport out only when the next process had completed processing an assembly. Is there a way to stop the TransportOut and make it wait for the next process node to be finished?

I tried using variables and get property statements to no avail, I don’t know what to do.

The only thing that works for me right now, is adding a delay statement, If I do not add that, then the TransportIn Process an Assembly Statement of the next process node doesn’t work properly.

Would really appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance.

Should work with simple SendSignal and WaitSignal.
sourceLCH would wait for a signal after its TransportOut, and cellPopulation sends that signal after its own TransportOut.

But this is not on a conveyor, I’m using interpolating transport at the moment, and would like to do the transport using a Human Transport Controller. Will it still work??

Thanks again in advance :slight_smile:

Dear TSy,

I cant get the option to change the type of Signal in the SendSignal statement. It only has a Null option. WHat could be the reason for this happening?

I’ve come to realize that send signals can only be used on Conveyors :frowning:
@TSy. Is there a way around this?

If you only have VC Essentials then you can’t create your own signals. With Professional and up you can use the Modeling tab to add e.g. Boolean signal behaviors to the components, which you can then connect to each other using the Signal connections UI.

I don’t know the eCat content well enough to suggest any workarounds if you only have VC Essentials, sorry.


Thanks for the input. I do have VC Premium and have been able to add Boolean Signal to the process nodes. But I still have one concern: how do I trigger the first transport from Process Node 1 to 2?

If Send Signal turns true only after assembly is processed, then it will never trigger transport out from the 1st process node.


I was trying another way of doing this, but maybe I’m making a mistake.

I’m trying to GetProperty of the State of the Process Node. i.e. if the Process Node is Idle then it would start transport. Could you please have a look at this?


I usually use a separate process node that just sends a true signal once and then does nothing else to “kickstart” the simulation/trigger the first transport.

Let’s say Signal1 is the signal that triggers your transport out and Signal99 is a boolean that will never turn true:

@TSy The Signal Relay is a good workaround without using Professional or Premium versions (and also visualizes the signals nicely).