Transportin from container "skipping" products

I have two conveyors where products are passed over using Assembly statements. I found that some times the process statements are skipping products.

Please find a brief introduction of the process to give you some context.
1- A box containing 24 pet bottles are loaded into conveyor
2- The box is opened and passed to the next station
3- Operator(A) picks a carton and place it on 6 bottles on the box, Operator uses a lifting arm to grab 6 bottles and move them over.
4.- Operator(B) picks a bag and grabs the 6 bottles, release the Lifting arm and place it on a new box on other conveyor.
The process continues forward in following station until all the bottles are placed on bags with cartons on top of them.

For some strange reason, the process node skips a product in the conveyor line where it should not. Same thing happens to the second line, where the new boxes are being filled.

Does someone have an explanation why sometimes the products are passing through and skipping the process node?

Please find attached the simulation file
20211220 Bottle Processing line (bug).vcmx (1.5 MB)

Your issue might be caused by a common misunderstanding how TransportIn statement with Source “From Component Container” works.
It only receives a product from the container if the product arrived when the statement was active. Any products already in the container when the statement execution starts are ignored.

If your products are on the conveyor back-to-back it might be possible the a product reaches the sensor point of the transport node in between the TransportOut and TransportIn statements, causing it to get missed by the TransportIn statement.

Thank you for your explanation, it seems the transport in statement is not as simple as it looks to be.
I believe you are right, some products arrive between transport in and transport out.

Do you have a workaround this behavior?
I was thinking separating the conveyors to make it impossible for the products to skip the process nodes, using the ProcessNodes to connect different convetors.
As an example, using PNP