Transport Robot

I need a roboto as a conveyor to transport from point A to point B.
Is there such a component?

You can think of the robot as going on track.

Hey ayca,

I’m not sure what you mean with robot as a conveyor, but I think you mean a robot on a rail. There are different rails in the eCatalog.

You can search for rail, track or robot positioner. Either way you should at least find something suiting if you open the eCatalog Category “Models By Type” and then “Robot Positioner”!

Have a nice weekend!

Greetz Felix :slight_smile:

Hi Felix,

Thank you, your answer. I am a new on Visual Component. I’m trying to learn.We established production line with conveyor. I created two kinds of products called ‘work process’. But the products do not go in order, they come in mixed order.

For example; I want to create 20 from the second product after I have created 10 from the first product.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have Nice Day.