Transport multiple pallets to the ASRS

Hello everyone,

I’m new to visual components and want to transport multiple pallets to the ASRS at once.
Even if I change crane’s capacity, Crane can only carry one pallet a time.
Specifically, there are multiple pallets in ASRS-Infeeder, and a lifter transports the pallets at once and stores them in different racks.Even when leaving the ASRS, the lifter carries multiple pallets and carries them to the ASRS-Outfeeder.

Thank you for your time.


If all of your pallets are in the same process station you can follow the steps.

  • Create a dummy component.
  • Attach all your pallets to that dummy comp.
  • Transport dummy component.

Also if you check ‘Palletizing layout with truckload forming’ layout from demo layouts. This method is used at the end truck forming transport out part.

Thank you for your advice.
It was helpful because I had no idea to make a dummy and attach them.

Do you know how to put transported pallets in separate racks?

You can use buffer components for that. Or create a buffer statement