Transport an assemble part

Hi all,

There is an error when the assembly transported by human.
It is the process that the “base_box” and “Input” are in one assembly. The “base_box” is transported by Pink-person, then the “Input” is added by the Blue-person. But when the “assembly” is arrived at Process Node #2, there is error.

Could you please help this error?

The product that arrives to the process is not an assembly, but a “part” product i.e. a single product.
This seems to be because:

  1. You might create an assembly product with the Create statement (didn’t show the product type), but then only transport out some of its contained products as chosen by the GetAssembly statement, not the assembly itself.
  2. The TransportIn is configured to accept any type of product, so it happily brings in the part products instead of the your expected assembly product.

Yes, you are right. It is modified well.