Transfer component to a pallet

Hello everyone!
I’m modeling this system and I’m stuck at one point. At the end of the second workstation I can’t pass the component to the pallet. The component and the pallet are created by the feeder and read by a Component Signal in each. I’m trying to use ‘grab’ to pass the component to the pallet, but it gives an error.
This is my code that I put on the last workstation…

Testing Code.txt (2.4 KB)

Can someone help me?

vcComponent does not have a grab() method. One option is to add a vcContainer behavior in your pallet, so you can call the grab method.
Second option would be to use the attach() method of vcNode to attach the parts to the pallet.

Thanks a lot @Este ! I really used a grab method in vcComponent… I added a vcContainer in my component and grab method works fine. Tks again!