Tranferring an Autodesk Layout to VC and Simulate process

Hey there,
i got layout of my factory as an .iam file (Autodesk Inventor). Is it possible to transfer this Layout in to VC create a processflow and get a Simulation out of it? Or is the only possible way to rebuilt it as an VC-file and run the simulation with that?

Yes you can import your .iam files and create your layout on top of that CAD model.

but can I make the model intelligent so that I can do a simulation directly with it or can I use it only as a reference to build a new VC model ? Because my plan was to transform the existing model into a simulation model without much effort (new modeling). According to the principle: I have part 1 and the places A and B and “program” only the process behind it, move part 1 from place A to place B and let it mill there, then take part 1 out of the milling machine and put it on a pallet …

Ofcourse you need to build a VC model on top of it. Otherwise how VC will know what kind of CAD model you imported and how its gonna work? If you want to import any CAD model and expect it to work magicly, its not gonna happen like that.
You have to create your own logic to make your own design to work.