I am trying to simulate a Train of containers being pulled by the first car. Just like a real train, but I can only move in a straight line I want to make 0-180 degree turns. I used conveyors it made the turns I needed but the the containers are turning unrealistically. They have to be connected with a tow hook, I tried to use physics link but I was not successful, however I would like to stay away from physics as much as possible. Is there a way to use links and python programming??

Thank You.

Does the origin of each container and the engine have to pass through each point in the path?

If yes, it should just be a matter of having the right origin in each car, the right offset between each car, interpolation value of the path, and turn radius.

You can use the Dof property of a vcNode to access its joint value, etc. So if the angle between the centers of the front car A and next car B is not zero, can B should at some point rotate to follow car A. For example, once the angle is greater than 15 degrees, car B should rotate in the direction of car A. At what angular velocity… I don’t know. However, if the vehicles are attached and the lead vehicle is towing/has carts then I don’t know why you would need to get your hands this dirty if the offsets are good along with the other things I mentioned.

I’m sure someone has an example of what you want to do, but they might now be able to share it.

Hi Zesty,