Track products with individual IDs

I’m currently trying to implement an industry 4.0 solution with parts being modified in machines according to a configuration beforehand. These cubes start from the same sample from a feeder and should go through 3 stations changing their appearance. So now I need some way to track those different cubes so every station knows what modification to apply to them (eg. conveyor diverter).
While researching I discovered ProdID but as far as I can see, those are all given to the same type of cube instead of a new one for each new product.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Julian,

As you’ve noticed, you can add a product or component property to the dynamic component that the feeder creates, shown in figure 1.
Figure 1

This property can then be directly caught by the process executor of process modelling, seen in figure 2.

Figure 2

You can then with just process statements start building up your if-elseif-else tree when you have grabbed the ID and change it accordingly. Figure 3 shows this.

Figure 3, notice the notation to grab ProductID → ProductIn.Component.ProductID

I hope this helps,