Track movment

I have a conveyor and a robot on a track set up. I’ve set the commands up but cannot get the robot to pick up the part nor can i get it to simply move on the track. What am i missing? I figured this would be simple enough. Pick up one part, move to the other conveyor and repeat.

In the attached layout, notice the flow group and product type. In the Flow editor, the cylinder has two steps, and the robot moves the cylinder from one conveyor to another.

Layout - Robot on Track Pick and Place Process Modeling.vcmx (855.5 KB)

The robot won’t pick the product if it cannot reach the product nor will it if it is not connected to the track and the track is not connected to robot transport controller. The robot also won’t pick the product if the product is not needed at the other conveyor, e.g. check the properties of the TransportOut statement in the first conveyor, and the properties of the TransportIn statement in the other conveyor.

From your picture, looks like the robot cannot reach it.