Trace a part moving on a Path

Hey everyone!

Is it possible to trace a component that is moving on a conveyor path? Or can this only be done with a robot? Sweeping would also be an option!



Any component can be swept. For dealing with dynamic components, the template component could have a script that listens for certain events to turn on/off swept volume of that component. Tracing… eh, I have in the past created a script that generates lines for a component, but didn’t really help. Swept is usually what I use for visualizing displacement.

Hey zesty!

Thanks for your answer!
Do you have an example on how to set up the sweeping within a conveyor? The VC help is mainly aimed at sweeping with robots, so I’m not sure on how to set it up.


It is because you have to do through API, see vcSweptVolume in Python API.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to make a working example. Garbage collection is working though, e.g. when dynamic component is removed from 3D world, the InputNodeList is updated for you. In my case, the system is reporting issue when I try to assign dynamic component to InputNodeList and begin the sweep. Not sure if it is because of on the fly approach, feature sharing, etc. So this is where I get off the bus.

Thanks for your troubles! I kinda figured out how to solve it, but i stumbled upon the following problem when sweeping. It doesn’t always occur and always in different shapes.

Has anyone an idea how to solve this?