Tooltip for PlotModelEx


could you help how to enable tooltip for selected data point when using PlotModelEx?

Discussing SDK examples on this forum makes me wince a bit, and your question is something more suited for Stack or forum about OxyPlot and XAML itself.

Here is the info from Oxy about Trackers.

Here is example of custom tracker in the view from Oxy GH.

So if there is data being plotted and your binding is correct then the “tooltip”/tracker should show by default when you left click. If you want to display it when hovering my understanding is you need to implement custom tracker. This is just my observation from looking at the SDK example and reading the documentation.

Hey, thank you for your answer!
Yes, I checked OxyPlot documentation. But I can not use PlotModel from OxyPlot. I need to use VisualComponents.UX.Shared.PlotModelEx because I need the functionalities from this. And when I use this, there is no tooltip by deafult at all and although I check .NET API documentation for Visual Components as well I still have not find any solution for why there is no tooltip by PlotModelEx at all.
I see that it is an extension of OxyPLot.PlotModel, yes, but as I can not see the source code of this, I do know what was overwriten regarding the Tracker handling.