ToConveyor process, product orientation

Hi all,

To explain the problem I’m facing this is my simplified setup:
The robots picks parts from a feeder and places them onto a conveyor (standard ToConveyor proces).

I would like the robot to place the parts in a different position (not in the center of the conveyor) and in a different orientation.

To do this, I tried to alter the frame that the ToConveyor process uses:

Works like a charm:

However, the problem is that the next time I open the simulation model, it goes back to placing the products in the default position and orientation.

Seeing I have multiple of these positions in my actual model, changing them everytime is very tedious.
Does anyone know how to permanently set this position and orientation?

ToConveyor product orientation test.vcmx (188.8 KB)

In the TransportIn statement you can select which frame to use for the product position. You could add your own frame feature and use that in the statement to see if it makes a difference. I think there is also a Python command somewhere to create frames into components so you don’t even need to do it from the modeling tab.

If I recall, some of those PM flow components have component properties and scripts to define the frame positions from the properties panel, so the actual frame feature’s position is overridden. This might be why the the modified frame position gets lost.

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Great, your first suggestion of adding a new frame feature already fixes the problem!
Indeed, it seems like (only) the standard frames are overwritten

Thank you for the help!