The tool goes to the robot via PNP and controls the robot with Python

Hello, how does a Python script get the properties of the parent object via PNP, for example, if I want to PNP the fixture to the robot and then have the fixture write the output signal of the robot

Many ways to stuff the sausage on this one. Check the script of the fixture component in the attached layout.

For better examples refer to the grippers in the VC eCatalog. Note that some prefer to use Signal field in an interface for connecting and disconnecting signals. You did not specify you were using a Signal field, so both the robot and fixture components in the layout use only a Hierarchy field, so the OnDisconnect event only applies to the connected fields, which is why I manually disconnect signal from output port.

Demo - Connect Signals using Sim Interface Events.vcmx (80.9 KB)

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This helped me a lot,thank you very much

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