the robot sets the wrong configuration during palletizing


i made depalletizing like in this video :

and all its ok until robot grasping 9th yellow big block (8th is OK - it is first block which robot grasp on video). While grasping the 9th block robot change configuration - Config1 (it sis OK) -> Config3 -> Config7 -> Config3. As a result, the robot achieves an unusual (impracticable) axis position. When I change manually to Config1 all is ok.

In which simple way can I solvet this problem? In wchich way can I block Configuration of robot (for example set permanently Config1) ?

The first upload was wrong. Upload again the video

Again error. I upload again

Error again :frowning:
I try .avi, .webm, .zip and allways error

So here is link for this video:

Here is the same video on YouTube :

Please help :slight_smile:

You would have better luck attaching the layout or contacting support. Based on the video, the robot encounters reachability issues a few times. With your robot, does it have PalletizingMode enabled? Try this: create one or more redundant positions like linear motions with config 1 and perhaps wrist orientation interpolation mode.

I atached the layout.

Try this: create one or more redundant positions like linear motions with config 1 and perhaps wrist orientation interpolation mode
I dont understand. That means that:
  1. I should create linear position the same like in point of grasping 9th yellow big block (point in which robot change configuration)


  1. I should create linear moves the same like moves of start depaletizing and then robot will make all depaletizing with ONLY liner moves.


3.I should add linear auxiliary point (one or more) during grasping yellow big block


I thing that the simplest solution will be block configuration of robot (set for still config1). I hope that it is possible in settings or in Python script

Thanks you in advance (7.21 MB)

Blocking the configuration might require creating custom kinematics, but others know best. I’m not sure if you can force it unless you are using schema or some method of manually assigning the targets to robot with the desired configuration. If you have time, refer to the spot welding add-on on forum as a good example of how to that.

I meant something like 2 and 3 where you have some points before and after picking in which the robot keeps the intended configuration. Wrist option for OrientationInterpolationMode of VC linear motion statements helps minimize wrist movement.

In your video, around 19 seconds the robot does some strange movements to reach the next part, so try avoiding those movements by teaching different points. From the labels of the robot positions, are you using a script for pick and place, e.g. vcHelpers module in Python?

I don’t know what software or version you’re using because you have no simulation clock and the nomenclature for the robot is different from the name used in VC 4.2. In this case, I would recommend you contact support, otherwise others are welcome to help with this.