The robot is combined with the track to follow the conveyor line

At present, I am working on a project. There are various items on a conveyor line, and the robot needs to move along the conveyor line to grab the items on the conveyor line.
Therefore, I used the method of robot installation on the orbit, but I did not know how to grab by type by task, so I referred to the official tutorial and realized this function through the API in the way of grabbing moving objects. The problem I encountered was that I did not know how to operate the movement of track, so I would like to get help here.
Can you provide relevant models or tutorials? Thank you

The rendering is shown below

Did you check the API reference in vcHelpers2? If I understood correctly, you want the external axis to move close enough to the part, so the robot can pick it?

zesty,Thanks for the reminder, I found the corresponding function from the help document and realized the desired function.Thank you very much!