The requirement of computer hardware

Hi every professors, the Visual Components running script in my computer very slowly, my computer’s CPU is Intel i7 ,GPU is GTX1660TiMQ,is the reason why the simulation runs slowly that the computer hardware fails to meet the requirements?

How big is the file size? I think that render mode (right side in a 3D window) effects how well it performs, among other things of course.
I think that I have a worse computer than you but I manage to run 80kB file very fast and I can work slowly with 160kB files.
There is this “simulation mode” property on components, so you can try to change that to fast.

Hi fernet_mies,thanks for your reply, when I compose Python script in the window,then running the script, it becomes slowly. I will try your advice.

Do all components and layouts from eCat run slowly or just your own?

You might have created a heavy loop such as rebuilding a component over and over because of a property change or possibly events that trigger each other in an infinite loop.

Hi TSy,thanks for your reply.When I want to use Modeling=>Component Graph=>Properties to set Boolean with manual operation, it runs slowly.


Notice how that “TurnRight” property has the Rebuild option selected. Rebuilding the component’s geometry is a heavy operation that should generally be avoided during simulation. Also note that this rebuild option is enabled by default for certain types of component properties when you add them.

Hi TSy,thank you again,you are right,the key question is the rebuild, I cancel all
the components’ rebuild ,it runs faster than before.

Hi fernet_mies,thanks for TSy’s advice,I solve the problem,the key question is the properties=>rebuild button,after cancelling rebuild,it runs faster.

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