Text Editor Tool

Hi everyone,

How can I set the text of a text box in a custom ribbon menu from the .NET API?

I also want to disable its edition, making it read-only.

Can anyone help me?


It’s been awhile since I looked at the code, but try looking in .NET API reference > VisualComponents.UX.Shared > ActionItem Class.

From there you should be able to disable/make the item non-executable/read-only.

Here is a demo project.

Plugin.TextBoxInRibbonGroup.zip (116 KB)

Hi Jay,

very good. I solved my problem.

Thank`s for your support!


I have already one problem with adding a icon to ActionItem.

I am writing the test parameter “rBox” in the base constructor call of the ActionItem constructor. But it doesn`t show the icon.

class TestActivateMenuItem : ActionItem, IMenuToolCommand
	public TestActivateMenuItem ()
      	  : base(Identifier, "Activate", "rBox", null, MenuTools.CheckBoxTool)

Can anyone help me?


I’m quite sure that a CheckBoxTool can’t have an icon.

Change to MenuTools.ButtonTool. It might be also a good idea to add arguments: getIconPathFromFile = false and isColoredIcon = true after the controlType.

If it helps …



Of course, only buttons :roll: ! Sorry, that was my thinking error.

Thank´s for your supoort!