Teaching bodyposture and productplacing during pick and place task with human

Hi everyone,

I want to simulate an assembly process with a human being. The product is currently simply created with a feeder. The human should then place the product on a tray. The tray moves past the workstation on a conveyor system.

In principle, my simulation works. But the worker moves through the table to place the product (see picture). Can I assign a posture to the worker? He should stand still and just bend forward.

Furthermore, the product is not placed exactly in the middle of the tray. I can’t find a solution how to adjust this.

I am very grateful for helpful tips :slight_smile:

Here`s my Layout
Produktionssystem in Laborumgebung Simulation.vcmx (53.8 MB)

I don’t know about posture, but the position of the resource (human) should be adjustable by moving the resource position frame in the component that has the process.
There can also be multiple frames and which one is used depends on the setting in the Transport in (and related) statements.

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If you have access to the Modeling tab, the easiest way to have your product placed onto center of the tray is to make the tray stop such that its center is aligned to the process location like this:

However, at least with VC 4.3.0 there seems to be some weird issue that the “Fahrwerke” product first gets transported to the correct location defined by the ProductPositionFrame, but then immediately jumps inside the tray.

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The process node is attached to the conveyor path as a sensor. The path has Retain Offset set to False. Thus the Fahrwerke does not retain the offset defined by the Product Position Frame.
Setting Retain Offset to True will keep the Fahrwerke position as it should.

Still, I find it weird that in sensor mode the product goes to the conveyor path, instead of staying in the transport nodes container.

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I’ve understood that this is basically needed to reserve / block space on the path, otherwise things could get messy.

Thank you for the solution. I was able to prevent the worker from running into the table by moving the “Frames Resource Location”. I have not yet found a solution for setting a desired posture, such as leaning over the table. But I am very happy with the current state! Thanks again!

Repositionierung Resource Location

And thanks again for this solution! It also directly solved my problem! :slight_smile: The tray now simply holds in the middle and the workpiece is placed in the middle accordingly.
Positionierung Produkt.PNG