Teaching a crane a pathway

Hello, is it possible to give a crane an exact path, it is important that it does not travel over an area where people are working.
Unfortunately, you cannot connect the crane controller to a pathway as you can with a forklift or a human.
Do you have any ideas?

Thank you very much

hi ,

maybe you can define a higher pick/ place approach in tab “LinkDefaults”:

or you set the approaches to 0mm and you use TransportNodes between the processes

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Hello, thank you very much for your answer.
the 2nd option with the transport nodes is exactly what I’m looking for, I have your example nachgbeuat times, my only problem now, however, is still the solve and resume again, can you turn it off completely?
I have set grasp and release to 0, but it doesn’t quite work.
maybe i need to change something in the crane properties?

Crabe_Pathway.vcax (214.3 KB)

change also approaches/times in the other transport links, like from feeder to first TransportNode:

or last transport link, from last TransportNode to sink:

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Many thanks, works perfectly =)