Teach, Trace, and Grasp in Fast Robot Teaching Overlay Menu

Fast Robot Teaching allows you to create statements in a robot program using actions in the Teach Overlay menu. The benefits are fast teaching of robot positions and simplified workflows for programming robots in the 3D world.

By using this add-on, you can add buttons to the Teach Overlay menu (next to the robot jog frame) for teaching the robot quicker and easier.

NB! Requirements

  1. You know how to make a Python add-on and use it in Visual Components.
  2. You have the lesson files: three sample add-ons and one initialization file.

After exploring this add-on, you will know how to do the following:

  • Use contexts to quickly get robot data
  • Use one click to add a series of statements to the robot program
  • Use helper methods to position robot and define targets
  • Use one-click to trace the path of the robot
  • Use one-click to teach approach, pick and retract positions for grasping
  • Add one or more commands to the teach overlay
  • Use icons with the teach overlay

Use your imagination and reach for the stars!

Install the addon by extracting the zip file to My Commands folder under Documents folder (e.g. if you use VC version 4.2, then extract the file to C:\Users%USERNAME%\Documents\Visual Components\4.2\My Commands). Feel free to contribute to the Python add-on and/or use it!

TeachTraceGraspOverlay.zip (5.0 KB)