TCP Speed Monitoring

Hi everyone,

I’m using VC 4.1 Essentials. Do you know if there’s a way to monitor the TCP speed during the simulation ?

I’d like to see how fast is my TCP during a joint motion (point to point).

Thanks !


Not really out of the box. The location of the tcp should be sampled and the speed could be determined from that. There is a “Speed and Acceleration Checker” component in the misc folder in the ecat, but that only monitors joints. It could be added to that component.

Hi Eme,

Thanks for your answer.

I know of the Speed and Acceleration Checker, but it doesnt seems to work with the robot i’m implementing (Universal Robot UR10).

I mean, I do not know how to use it properly and I havent been able to find any material in the VC Academy. Do you have a tutorial or something about it ?

Moreover, what do you mean by “the tcp location should be sampled” ? How am I able to see that at anytime during my simulation ?

Edit: Maybe through a python script ?

Yes, I meant in python.

I made a sample for you. Will try to polish it up and put it in the online ecat later. Find the component (which already works quite ok) as an attachement.

Short video how to use it also attached.

2018-08-02_19-07-46.mp4 (3.9 MB)

TcpSpeedMonitor.vcmx (26.7 KB)


Hi Eme,

Such a nice job, thank you for your work !

It seems to work really well, i’ll test that asap. Could you also share the code so I can dive into it to see how it works ?

Hi Eme ,

thanks for this useful tool .

Hey everyone!

I am trying to find this “Speed and Acceleration Checker” to monitor the joints of my robot but I can’t seem to find it on the ecat. ¿Does someone know about it?

Thanks in advance,